Education4.22 Love Our Earth Festival Highlights

April 27, 2023

Come one, come all to Flow,
Where the wild things grow.
A beautiful farm and animal sanctuary,
Where humans and nature connect in harmony.

The workshops are many, for all ages to shine,
Music and forest therapy amongst the pines,
Yoga in the wild, surrounded by green,
Meditation to calm, a peaceful scene.

Food that nourishes body and soul,
Shared together, makes us whole.
Flow is an oasis, a sanctuary for all,
Where humans and animals respond to nature’s call.


Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 each year. More than a billion people around the world come together this day to raise awareness about serious environmental issues that threaten our survival, including climate change, deforestation and biodiversity loss.


Act Now!

To support Earth Day, Flow hosted our first Love Our Earth charity festival this year. We invited eco warriors from all over the world who facilitated wonderful workshops, bringing joy, laughter and eco-consciousness to Zhongshan.

Kind Chef Johan
Kind Chef Johan from France

Dr. Shang (Left) & Yvonne (Right) from Hong Kong SAR

Giorgia from Italy

Dorinda Ma from Hong Kong SAR

Joan (Left) & Vivian (Right)
Joan from Brazil (Left) & Vivian from Zhongshan (Right)

Alex from the U.K.

Flow’s efforts to reduce carbon footprint included using only biodegradable disposable cups and cutlery, and printing our festival entry tickets on seed paper so they could be planted and grown into sunflowers in 14 days. Guests were encouraged to bring their own water bottles, napkins and tote bags.


Seed Tickets
Seed Tickets

Flow Boutique

Here are some highlights :

Heartful Connection: Our celebrity pooch BoBo won over everyone’s heart.


DRUMBEAT®: Dorinda, a certified DRUMBEAT® instructor and Hong Kong’s first Chinese female saxophonist, explored our inner worlds using African drum therapy.


Green Yoga: Giorgia showed us how to relax and release through pranayama and hatha flow.


Flow Reading Club: “There is a Tiger in the Garden”, a delightful, award-winning children’s story was brought to life by Alex.


Mindful Walk: A serene walking meditation in nature was guided by Dr. Shang and Yvonne, our mindfulness teacher.


Nature Concert: Our singer Vivian and sound therapist, Joan performed soul-cleansing music on the acoustic guitar and Native American double flute.


D.I.Y. Earth Moss Balls: Children foraged for wild moss and created their own little planets.


Art in Nature


Earth Cookies Workshop: With a bit of magic, our little chefs transformed raw dough into edible earths.


International Food Fair: A bountiful plant-based farm feast included artisanal quiche and wood-fired pizza napoletana made by our Kind Chef Johan and Southeast Asian delights made by the head chef of Wing On Crowne Plaza Hotel.


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Last but not least – Lucky Draw


And this concluded our 2023 Love Our Earth Festival!
Gratitude to all our facilitators and guests for co-creating such a memorable Earth Day together. Until next time!


For this precious planet we call home
Needs to be cherished, wherever we roam.
Let’s make every day Earth Day,
Come to Flow and we’ll show you the way.


Flow, founded in 2018, is an educational farm and animal sanctuary where humans, animals and the rest of nature thrive on love, respect and harmony. Flow has touched hearts and minds of countless visitors with its unique nature and animal-based experiential programs. Contact us for more information.

Flow Farm
Wenbishan Country Park, Yong An 3rd Road, Southern District, Zhongshan, Guandong Province, China.