Our activities are all designed to help us

connect deeply with the world around us.

Our activities are all designed to help us
connect deeply 
with the world around us.

Animal Connections

Animal Connections

Animal Caretaker for a Day!

Animal Caretaker
for a Day!

Did you know that turkeys don’t have teeth and
rabbits’ teeth never stop growing?

Learn all about our animal friends – grooming the ponies, walking the dogs, feeding the bunnies and making yummy treats for our piggies.
We promise you will make some new friends very quickly!


Connect with our animals by sharing space mindfully and communicating without words.

Eco Enrichment

Make fun eco toys, feeders, obstacle courses and houses for our animals using natural and recycled materials.

Lessons in Loving

Learn animal needs, natural behaviours, ways of communicating.

Nature Connections

Nature Connections

Wake Up Your Senses!

Turn off your phones and turn on your senses. Fun, interactive nature games that are guaranteed to ignite all 5 senses and maybe even a 6th!

Inner Nature

Mindfulness exercises in our tranquil pine forests. Relax, get grounded, connect to the now and tap into your inner nature.

Wild Art

Let your creativity run wild: explore sketching, painting, photography, collaging, sculpting, poetry and more.

Eco Connections

Eco Connections

Eco Farming

Experience Life on an Eco Farm: try composting, fruit picking, jam making, and living farm-to-table.


Nature’s way: make essential oils, soap, and learn which herbs make great natural remedies.

Second Life

Transform “trash” into beautiful furniture, candle holders, decorations, musical instruments and other fun items.

Flow Farm
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